Twist And Shout



Format: CD
Label: GRHD
Catalog: 36
Rel. Date: 09/03/2002
UPC: 698715003623

The Night Before The Day The Earth Stood Still
Artist: New Bomb Turks
Format: CD
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After five blasting, pulsing, dirty, wall-shaking bulldozer-LPs, the last threefor the famous Epitaph Records, the stalwart quartet takes their revved up guitarmash to the equally potent Gearhead label—where, in truth, they fit ineven better with the likes of those newer Scandinavian kids, The Hives and TheHellacopters, that have moved in to their degenerate block of garages. It doesn'tmatter the selection: the drums a-firing, the guitars a-crankin', the bassa-banging, the vocals a-shout-singing full-throttle. These smokers want youto club you with their big squall, and it remains a story of big energy, bigfun, and balls-out, honest-to-goodness, wild rock ‘n' roll. Whilemainstream rock continues to choke on its own indigestible, stanky gruel ofbad leftover grunge, lukewarm punk, diet-metal, and the worst recipe of all,tired rock-rap, the New Bomb Turks are still stealing your daughters, rockin'like there's no next week, and hitting so quick and mean, they'vegot no time to take names.
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