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MISFIRE makes old-school flavored thrash metal devastation with the kind of bombastic firepower that could wake the dead. In the tradition of classic metal trios like Venom, Motörhead, and Raven, these Chicago boys make more noise than bands twice their size, unleashing song after song of unrelenting fury. It's music that could have arrived in the thrash golden age of 1986, when bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Dark Angel, and Sodom delivered vital records. And yet MISFIRE is forward-thinking, injecting modern metal mastery into their brew for a powerful, timeless sound.
Mastiff - Sympathy For The Ignorant
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Bodysnatcher are an American Deathcore band from Melbourne, Florida. Bleed-Abide is the fourth full-length album, following a string of successful singles released in 2020 and early 2021. Bodysnatcher play a down tempo, extremely brutal beatdown version of Deathcore. Their previous album, This Heavy Void, saw the band catapult into the extreme metal scene, garnering a number of successful tour runs with Chelsea Grin, Lorna Shore, Enterprise Earth, and Slaughter To Prevail. The new record showcases the band completely dialed in, knocking on the doors of Deathcore's contemporary subgenre leaders.
Bodysnatcher - Bleed-Abide
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America's #1 and longest-running True Heavy Metal Band!!! Satan's Host require no introduction, an American Metal Institution and one of the original Pioneers of both Thrash and Power Metal. Through their 4.5+ decades Satan's Host have continually re-invented themselves, always remaining fresh and leading the pack of True US Heavy Metal! Formed in 1977, during the course of their 45+ year career (of evil!), Satan's Host have recorded and released 13 studio albums, 1 DVD, 2 Box Sets, and countless bootleg VHS's & bootleg live albums, have extensively toured the world, headlined every major metal festival on earth, permanently etching their pentagram-sealed mark at the very top of the Heavy Metal echelon! US Heavy Metal Titans and Power Metal legends Satan's Host have unquestionably earned their deserved place in Heavy Metal History! 7 years after their last release, 2015's "Album(s) of the Year" achieving "Pre-dating god: Part 1" and "Pdg: Part 2", Americas longest running Heavy Metal Band returns with their highly anticipated new masterpiece "This Legacy Will Never Die"! However, The HOST was not dormant during this period, working diligently on classic early album official re-issue's of 1986's fan-favorite "Metal from Hell", 1985's legendary "Midnight Wind" and 2000's extremely rare "Archidoxes of Evil" album. With their newest offering "TLWND", these Heavy Metal Pioneers continue illuminating the path for others to follow! Unique unto themselves, Satan's Host's once more present a genre-encompassing sound and album which unites the best elements of True Heavy Metal with Thrash, Black, Death and Power Metal into a cauldron of Epic True Metal classics! This untouchable sound is solidified by the bands core line up, consisting of the multi-octave voice of modern Metal Harry "Leviathan" Conklin, the riff-master of true Metal Patrick "Evil" Elkins, and the never-ending pulse-of-hell drumming of Anthony "Evil Hobbit Lopez, along with newest addition, bassist Corey Tibbetts. With Heavy-Metal Thrashers "From the Dark" and "Altars in Hell" to classic Metal anthems as "Mysticum" and "Deadmans Walk" this album will appeal to all discerning Metal fan! With "TLWND" Satan's Host's Deliver the unquestionable Heavy Metal Album of the Year 2022 and further solidify their Legacy as the most influential and important American Metal band of all time!
Satan's Host - This Legacy Will Never Die
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Pure old School Swedish Death Metal, filled with Catchy rhythms, Melody and Hooks. With roots that date back to the early 1990's original Death Metal movement, the core members of Carnal Savagery formed out of the ashes of the cult Cromlech. After several demo's, lots of gigs with Entombed, Dismember, Therion, Tiamat, Merciless, Meshuggah and some major label offers, the band split and the members went on to play in other notorious bands such as Divine Souls, Wan and Desolation. Returning to their old school roots in 2020, they formed Carnal Savagery and recorded their first demo in a matter of months. Carnal Savagery swiftly scored their first record deal and released their debut album "Grotesque Macabre" the same year. Upon hearing "Grotesque Macabre", Moribund Records signed Carnal Savagery to a multi-album deal and they immediately entered the studio to record their follow-up masterpiece, 2021's "Fiendish". Swiftly following 2021's break-through Death Metal album "Fiendish", Carnal Savagery returns bearing the "Scent of Death". Once more delivering a sarcophagus-sized slab of putrid old school Death Metal, "Scent of Death" is ripe with catchy melodic rhythms, memorable choruses, pounding drums, clear yet brutal vocals, and searing solos. With "Scent of Death", Carnal Savagery not only raid the Mortuary, they also leave every other modern Death Metal band to molder in their graves! From album opener "Deformed Bodies", through the groove laden "Impaled Tortured and Left for Dead", to the end complete of "Tombs of the Deformed", this brutal and blistering album has it all, leaving only vacant caskets and a lingering "Scent of Death". Carnal Savagery's "Scent of Death" will continue to permeate the Air and the Metal scene LONG after the corpses it leaves behind have decayed!
Carnal Savagery - Scent Of Death
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"I've got plenty of energy, it's my currency" sings Amy Taylor on the opening track of Comfort To Me, the latest from Amyl and The Sniffers. After their self-titled 2019 debut, the band conquered the world one club and festival at a time. Comfort To Me fully captures the chaotic energy of their unrelenting, jaw-dropping live show which The Guardian declared the "most exhilarating rock n' roll show I've seen in years." CD Softpak with 16 page booklet.
Amyl and The Sniffers - Comfort To Me

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